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About Us

We are a family run business that is dedicated to bringing current trends to our customers at a reasonable price.  We love a bargain and we hope to pass a lot of them on to our customers.  Our team consists of a former corporate ladder climber turned crazy stay at home mom of 3 young children (all born within 2.5 years) and her husband, a former Paramedic of 13 years that now works in EMS Quality Control, along with the skill and talent other friends and family members that we are lucky enough to tap into occasionally.  We enjoy teaching our kids the valuable life lessons of a strong work ethic and entrepreneurship, even though they currently just think it's cool that the UPS guy comes everyday with a big box.  

Our products are chosen based on what is currently trending and we hope you enjoy all of our selections.  Utilizing the social shopping method, we are able to bring some fabulous deals to our customers, allowing them to purchase stylish items at deep discounts from what you'd find in the store or on most websites.   We will sometimes feature items from other vendors that we've stumbled across and are too awesome not to share.   

To keep our prices low it's important that we sell through each featured product that we have. The easiest way to do this is for you to like, comment and/or share each deal that you like or decide to purchase on your social network site of choice.  If you like your friends, you want them to get a good deal too, right?   Even if you don't buy it, we'd love for you to share with your friends!   The more we sell, the more we order the next time.  More products means more people whose days we can make significantly more awesome when their mail carrier shows up with a package full of fabulous stuff. 

We value input from all of our customers and we pride ourselves on our service.  We treat our customers like family. If there is something you love or something you would like to see changed on our site - let us know, we are all ears!   Email us at customersupport@blossombargains.com


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